All of our groups use the latest developments in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and are based upon a 16-week timeline designed to educate participants about both the nature of their anxiety and the skills necessary to cope with and manage their anxiety. Each group session lasts for a standardized two hours. Though the groups use a 16-week format, group members can stay as few as four weeks or as long as they need. Many of our group participants have found that repeating some or all of the 16-week program is helpful in achieving confidence that they can manage their anxiety on their own. New clients are welcome to join one of our groups at any point during the 16-week program. We do require a one session intake evaluation/diagnostic interview prior to beginning any of our groups.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Group

Thursdays, 5:00pm-7:00pm
Led by Robert McLellarn, Ph.D.

As in all the other groups in our clinic, clients in this group are encouraged to face the very things they fear the most. Clients typically do this in a systematic gradual manner so that less threatening fears are addressed first and over time more and more challenging issues are addressed. We find that those clients who aggressively tackle all of their feared issues are the ones who get the best outcomes so we encourage clients to approach their OCD in this way. Themes tackled in the group run the gamut of typical OCD fears such as contamination, checking, “just right” OCD and both harming and sexual intrusive thoughts.