Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder Cartoon

If you have had excessive anxiety and worry about various aspects of your life (finances, health, family, etc.) over at least the past six months, then you may have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Physical symptoms may include restlessness, becoming easily fatigued, poor concentration, irritability, muscle tension, and sleep disturbance. The anxiety and worry are clearly far out of proportion to the importance of the situation.

Highly Recommended Book for Overcoming GAD

The following book is our top recommendation for those suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. You may purchase the book at your local bookseller, or click on the links below to purchase them from

Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry, Client Workbook Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry, Client Workbook

Michelle G. Craske and David H. Barlow

Includes all the information necessary to learn the appropriate skills to combat excessive worry

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