Learn the skills to manage your anxiety


General Lifestyle Tips for Managing Anxiety



Life can get busy and complicated at times and often a gentle reminder can be helpful to focus on doing what makes sense to do. None of these tips is anything you haven’t heard before, but how many of these things do you do regularly? How do you think it might affect your life if you did more of these regularly?



  1. Exercise regularly: There is good evidence that regular exercise helps manage both anxiety and depression, but how many of us actually exercise regularly? Too many of us rely on medications (either prescribed, over the counter or recreational) to cope with our anxiety.


  1. Get enough sleep: Over the past several decades we are getting less and less sleep. There are many reasons for this change (television, social media, etc.) but whatever the cause, it is happening. We are just more resilient and better able to cope when we are rested.


  1. Eat well: For too many of us when we don’t feel good, don’t exercise and don’t get enough sleep we also lose our motivation to eat well. Too much junk food, caffeine and alcohol only exacerbates our anxiety.


  1. Integrity issues: If we aren’t living according to our values this will almost certainly cause us to feel off balance and lead to more anxiety.


  1. Have fun: A good time with friends or even better, a good laugh, can go a long way toward helping life feel better and less anxious.


  1. Being organized: Being at least somewhat organized can help us feel a bit more in control and a bit less anxious, though it’s possible to take this too far.


Good luck following with these suggestions and let me know how you do with what I’ve offered and please add to my list of you have a good idea.